The York Union, founded in 2013, is a student-run organisation that hosts engaging talks, interviews and debates contributing to the intellectual life of the University of York and the surrounding area. We aim to bring the best and most influential speakers to the north of England, competing with events typically held by the ‘golden triangle’ institutions.

Recognising our important work on campus over the last three years, the University of York Students’ Union (YUSU) formally ratified us as a student society in 2016. In facilitating free and honest debate with some of the biggest figures in our national life, the York Union aims to enhance university life and improve York’s reputation.

We do not abide by any No Platform policy. This means we can hold controversial speakers, motions and events that would not otherwise be welcomed at some other universities. Past speakers have let slip the truth about their past and what they really think – perhaps safe in the knowledge that York is too northern for any of the press to be taking note.

Unlike similar organisations at other universities, we do not charge a fee for membership. Instead, our events are open to all university students and staff, as well as members of the public. We are grateful to all our donors and to the many members of the university who have helped and facilitated our existence and events.

If you would like to sponsor the York Union, sponsor a single event, or donate, please contact theyorkunion[at]gmail.com

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