York Union committee meets Lord Robert Winston, February 2015

Firstly, congratulations on accepting a place at York. We look forward to meeting you at the upcoming YUSU Freshers’ Fair. Welcome to the official website of the YORK UNION, the largest and most successful events society at the University of York.

The York Union has attracted notable guest speakers including Jon Snow, Adam Boulton, Alastair Campbell, Jonathan Powell, Baroness Scotland, Dominic Grieve, Shami Chakrabarti and Lord Robert Winston in its first two years on campus. Panel debates have been staged on topics as diverse as religion, the happiness agenda, Thatcherism, immigration and the welfare state. 

We operate on a different basis to similar organisations at other universities as we believe debate should be open to all, not just to those who can afford a costly membership. As our Patron Martin Vander Weyer says, “lively public debate and discussion is essential to civilised society — and done well it is also great entertainment. The York Union does it very well indeed.”

We have a very exciting lineup of debates and talks for the new academic year which we cannot wait to share with you. Until then, we hope you will enjoy the new site.

Yours sincerely,

Harry Scoffin and Lisa Rumbold

21 September 2015

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