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Which squad does Leeds United play when he returns to the Premier League? (Part 2)

On the attacking front, coach Bielsa is targeting striker Che Adams, who recently moved to Southampton from Birmingham for a fee of £ 15 million in January 2019. However, the 24-year-old striker was infrequently used and was only allowed on the bench, having a total of 996 minutes in the Premier League since the start of the season.

Adams was asked to borrow money from Leeds United twice (summer 2019 and winter 2020) but was rejected. Most likely, Coach Bielsa will continue to return to the striker who scored 22 goals in the English first division season 2018/19.

Along with the recruitment of experienced veterans, the football club from Yorkshire is also promoting negotiations to continue borrowing young players who have just experienced a successful season. It is Jack Harrison of Man City, Ben White of Brighton.

Will Leeds United challenge the Big Six?

Peter Reid, a former coach who led Leeds United in 2003, confirmed that the Elland Road team returned to the Premier League after 16 years and will become a counterbalance to the Big Six teams.

Will Leeds United challenge the Big Six?

The failure of West Brom and Brentford, the two direct competitors in the early 45th round, helped Leeds United officially win the English Premier League title with the Premier League promotion ticket for the first time in 16 years.

Witness the return of one of the big names of football in the fog, coach Peter Reid, who briefly led the Elland Road team, thinks they have returned to where they belonged and returned to counterbalance the Big Six.

Besides, the former captain of Leeds United also appreciated the talent of coach Marcelo Bielsa, the chief architect to help the Elland Road team to be promoted after only two seasons.

We all know how the team Bielsa leads the play. It’s football with high energy. I like this. I think Leeds United is back where they belong, “said coach Peter Reid.

In March 2003, Peter Reid turned down an offer to lead the Irish Republic to assume the role of interim coach at Leeds United after the team fired Terry Venables. It was the strategy that was born in 1956 that helped Leeds United revive and successfully relegate in the Premier League and be awarded the official contract.

However, the fact that the team was still in a financial crisis caused Reid to sell Harry Kewell and bring cheaper contracts instead. The quality of the team dropped, causing Leeds United to play poorly and after a 1-6 defeat to the newly promoted team Portsmouth, he received a casket from the team in November 2003.