Sports in York

The most attractive beach sports you should try in Yorkshire

Let’s discover the top most attractive beach sports in Yorkshire below to pocket yourself useful information for the upcoming trip.


Parasailing is an entertaining kites activity in which a person is pulled behind a vehicle while attached to a specially designed canopy like a parachute, called a parachute wing. This activity is thoroughly researched with a high level of safety and equipped with life jackets for players.

Coming to Yorkshire on these majestic summer days, Parasailing will be an indispensable choice for travelers.


Jet ski is an exciting sea sport for those who love yachts in particular and water sports in general. In particular, jet ski only fun when playing from two or more.

To save space for a flybridge-type individual yacht, you can bring a stand-up jet ki (jetski) to the pool base of the boat 1 stern and the upper deck of the boat 1. For speed enthusiasts, driving Jet Ski is considered an exciting activity that needs to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

Sitting on a boat and surfing on Yorkshire beach with a companion, with water clouds while the wind playing with hair is more interesting, safe and legal than racing on land. many times.


This is the experience that attracts many young people in the country and tourists. This game is suitable for those who like to explore and experience new things. Visitors will feel the grandeur and vastness of the sea and mountains of Danang.


Kayaking is a sport that challenges the courage, composure, perseverance but also a lesson about the player’s ability to handle situations flexibly and technically. Depending on your adventure, you can choose where to start the race. It may be a peaceful sea but it can be a waterfall if you want to challenge yourself.

Beach volleyball

Yorkshire’s beach is the right place for travelers to play water sports including beach volleyball, beach soccer. Certainly, visitors will have an unforgettable vacation.