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The 100-year-old football team in West Yorkshire comes back (Part 3)

Since the first industrial revolution broke out in England in the 18th century, the country’s major cities have always had a mutual opponent. After many ups and downs, next season’s Premier League will welcome special guests named Bielsa and Leeds.

‘Crazy guy’ Bielsa

However, the “ugliness” of Leeds United on the pitch seems to have lingered in the past. Their return to the highest division of England has made many people excited about football. Leeds has a tradition, a strong enough fan base to blow the new wind to make the Premier League more attractive.

The presence of renowned coach Marcelo Bielsa on the bench is another reason. If one judges a coach’s talent based on trophies, Bielsa is probably nobody.

Bielsa is such an interesting coach that when he accepted to lead Leeds United, the number of people who booked Leeds for Premier League promotion in the 2019/20 season suddenly soared to 159%.

It was a time when Bielsa was suffering a lot of doubts about adapting to contemporary football, having left 3 different teams in just 3 years. Bielsa failed to get Leeds promoted in the first season to England to work. But the combination of Argentinian coach and rich English traditional team is considered perfect as Juergen Klopp and Liverpool.

Bielsa has been criticized for his harsh training style, with the desire that the players on the playing field are exactly like machines. That may be the reason preventing Bielsa from coming to bigger clubs.

But the legendary coach of world football probably doesn’t care. All his life he has been loyal to the idea and style of intense pressing football, taking the initiative as his main. Bielsa will not change the style, will not be softer just to lead Barca or MU. He was still plying his ideas at smaller clubs.

Bielsa turned Leeds from a middle-class team in the Championship back to the Premier League after 16 years. The day Leeds climbed to the top, the fans of this team gathered outside the club headquarters to applaud the Argentinian coach. They consider him the new “saint” of the club.

The British are often proud of their love for football, and Leeds is one of the best examples. The fun days on Elland Road (Leeds’ home ground) are probably just beginning.