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Leeds United team return to the Premier League next season

Leeds officially returned to the Premier League after 16 years of absence. The journey of sublimation, fall, and return of this team deserves one of the most memorable chapters of English football.

The giant wakes up after 16 years

Leeds’ promotion ticket has a great impression from the old coach, Marcelo Bielsa.

Efforts to change from the upper class helped Leeds gradually recover. The Whites returned to The Championship in the 2010/2011 season but was mostly swayed by the relegation battle. Only last season, with the presence on the training bench of “witch” Marcelo Bielsa, did Leeds really flourish to compete for promotion.

After a regretful drop at the end of last season, Bielsa’s Leeds was no longer making the same mistake. The recent consecutive victories have officially brought “giant” back to sleep with the glory of the Premier League after 16 years.

The remaining direct promotion ticket in the UK First Division this season will be a fierce competition between West Brom and Brentford. With the sublimation circuit (8 recent consecutive victories), Brentford owns a brighter chance and also holds the right to self-determination.

The return of a legend

After 5 owners, 16 coaches, 4 failed play-offs, a stadium sale, and hundreds of million pounds of debts, Leeds stood up.

The return of the 100-year-old team in West Yorkshire County is a big event with foggy football. The fact that Leeds won the right to play in the Premier League in the 2020/21 season even created an echo like the championship after 30 years of waiting for Liverpool.

The day Leeds officially promoted, Gary Neville had predicted a deadly season with Manchester United. Before Man City rose, Leeds was the eternal enemy of MU, no less than Arsenal or Liverpool.

Even the hostility that the Leeds and MU fans for each other are even more formidable than with other opponents.

The hostility between MU and Leeds explains why striker Marcus Rashford had to quickly delete the post to congratulate the return of the opponent, whether many of his teammates in the national team or other famous figures of the UK do that.