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Yorkshire as the paradise for cycling in the UK (Part 1)

I have achieved a kind of bicycling. The cycling scene in England is haunted by professional racing, hills, Yorkshire, social media – and pretentious coffee.

And a few weeks ago, I started off the undulating route in West and North Yorkshire of the Road Road World Championship 2019 with a small coffee roaster called Ben I met on Twitter.

Over the past five years, Yorkshire has become a global cycling destination. When Ben and I, and another Twitter acquaintance named Tom, walked out of Otley, north of Leeds, there were dozens of other riders out of town, up Wharfedale toward Bolton Abbey.

None of them are in an organized group – just people and twos, including quite a lot of children and teenagers.

I suspect many of them are doing what we planned: a 200km stretch of the male elite race, involving a long loop from the north from Otley to Hawes, to the east of the Buttertubs pass, and then head south past Ripon to end at Harrogate.

I mentioned my plan to the native Otley and 2015 world champion Lizzie Deignan. If I press a little it shouldn’t take more than six hours, I said. There was a silence. I thought you might have underestimated that, she answered.

I find it difficult to find volunteers to keep me company. I asked the local Otley club. For most of us, Bit Bits is too much for us. I was not discouraged. I should not have been.

The explosion in Yorkshire cycling has occurred by accident. In 2014, the Tour de France started in Leeds, after Yorkshire stole the Grand Depart from under the nose of a rival Scottish contractor – for the most part, so the story happened, because the CEO of Welcome to Yorkshire, Gary Verity, flew to Paris in a charter helicopter and brought the Tour’s top brass back to Yorkshire for lunch at the pub.

On the eve of the Tour de France 2014, cycling fans went on the path of Kidstones or Côte de Kidstones, a challenging climbing race.

Sports in York

How has cycling developed in York City? (Part 2)

Each year, York City attracts nearly 7 million tourists. Council members voted to prevent people from traveling by unnecessary personal cars in the city by 2023, except for the disabled.

A survey of 1,682 YouGov adults found that 53% of people supported the closure of the city center, preventing unnecessary vehicles once a week to provide opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists. . About 39% of the respondents think the budget invested in building the street should be devoted to motivating people to cycle or walk more.

In fact, York attracts nearly 7 million tourists to Britain every year. Council members have also voted in favor of limiting people traveling by personal car since 2023, with the exception of the disabled.

A survey conducted by YouGov of 1,682 adults also showed that more than half of the population approved the “closure” of the city for unnecessary outgoing vehicles once a week. The goal is to reserve space for pedestrians and bicyclists.

About 39% of respondents think that the money invested in building streets should be spent to motivate people to walk or cycle more often.

How Covid-19 changed the cycling habits in York City

While living with Covid-19, the British became accustomed to cycling, exercise at home and gardening.

The British government will likely extend the blockade order for at least another week to stop Covid-19. But statistics have shown that life in the UK has had unimaginable changes in the past two months.

Bicycles are more popular

The limitations of social separation make public transportation the least popular means of transportation. Police also repeatedly advised to limit moving by car. As a result, people travel less and when needed, they choose to be more environmentally friendly.

During the blockade, emergency service staff in the UK used bicycles to go up by 200%. Overall, cycling becomes a lot more popular. Halfords said their bike sales increased sharply in the first week of May.

Cities across the UK respond to this trend by making adjustments to make it easier and safer for cyclists. London Mayor Sadiq Khan plans to introduce a temporary bike lane as part of his “street landscape” program.

A recent poll conducted by transport consultant Systra found that 61% of Britons were worried about using public transport after the blockade. This shows that the trend of cycling can continue even when the blockade is lifted.

Sports in York

List of cancelled sports events including football in York City (Part 1)

Here is the long list of sports events that have been cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19 epidemic.


Northern Irish Michael Conlan In St Patrick’s Day The fight in New York against Belmar Preciado at Madison Square Garden was suspended, while Shakur Stevenson and Miguel Marriaga were also postponed.

Derek Chisora ​​wore an anti-coronavirus suit and Oleksandr Usyk sprayed disinfectant during their press conference to inform them of their heavy fight in May.


PDC has moved its double title Premier League darts in Rotterdam from the end of March to 9-10 September. The semi-finals and finals of the tournament will take place in the Dutch city.


The British Trial team is returning home after the series against Sri Lanka has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The physical and mental health of our players and support team is paramount, he said the England and Wales cricket council (ECB) in a statement. The second series of trials will begin in Galle on Thursday, March 19.

Meanwhile, the start of the Indian Premier League has been delayed from March 29 to April 15. Of India’s home team an international day with South Africa has now been postponed. Originally moved behind closed doors, Australia and New Zealand’s ODI series have now been postponed, as well as the three-match Twenty20 series.

Both parties work to find replacement dates to rearrange the furniture. Australia won its first ODI on Friday but visitors are now returning to New Zealand after changing travel restrictions there. Black hat driver Capsie Lockie Ferguson was isolated in his team hotel after complaining of a sore throat after Friday’s match but was later deleted to return home.

England captain Joe Root and Ben Stokes arrived at the team hotel in Colombo after their tour was delayed.


The Paris-Nice race nearing its end on Sunday appears to have been canceled after the French Bicycle Federation (FFC) announced the cancellation of all cycling events in France due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Summer Italy, scheduled to begin in Hungary in May, has also been postponed, while Six Day Manchester is expected to be held this weekend.

Both the UK-based Tour and the Women’s Tour have been postponed. Annually, this tournament attracts thousands of participants in the UK including York City. However, race organizers will now try to collaborate with UCI and British Cycling to find an alternative date for the Women’s Accessories WorldTour event, originally scheduled to take place around June 8-13.