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Premier League will welcome special guests from Yorkshire next season

The ugliness of Leeds United on the pitch seems to be in the past. Their return to England’s top division has excited many football fans. The presence of the famous coach Marcelo Bielsa on the lead is another reason.

But the Tango strategist is the one who Pep Guardiola sees as a teacher, with the statement “to me, Bielsa is the best coach in the world”. People call Bielsa “El Loco”. However, Carl Huybrechts, a famous Belgian sports commentator, calls him “a radical tactician” and a master of many famous coaches. Modern world.

Guardiola, Pochettino, Diego Simeone, Jorge Sampaoli, Gerardo Martino…. have both admitted to building a reputation thanks to lessons from Bielsa.

Bielsa was such an interesting coach that when he accepted the lead of Leeds United, the number of people who set up for Leeds to advance to the Premier League in the 2019/20 season suddenly jumped to 159%.

Bielsa failed to get Leeds promoted in his first season to England

Bielsa is a “crazy guy”, Leeds is also a city crazy about football. This team has enough material for Bielsa to convey his special football philosophy.

Bielsa has been criticized for his coaching style somewhat harsh, with the desire that the players on the field play the ball exactly like machines. That may have been the reason why Bielsa prevented him from joining the larger clubs.

However, the legendary coach of world football probably does not care. All his life he has been faithful to the idea and style of a football pressing high, attacking as its mainstay.

Bielsa will not change his style, will not be softer than just to lead Barca or MU. He is still pervasive with his ideas at smaller clubs. Bielsa turned Leeds from a mid-tier Championship side back into the Premier League after 16 years.

Leeds United fans

On the day of Leeds to be promoted, the fans of this team gathered outside the headquarters of the club to praise the Argentine coach.

After 16 years, Leeds United fans had their hands on the skies of the Premier League again. They are almost crazy about that feat. Fans flocked to the streets, dragged to the stadium, to the homes of the players and coaches.

The British are often proud of their love of football, and Leeds is one of the most prominent examples. The happy days at Elland Road (Leeds’ home turf) are probably just beginning.