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The pride of Yorkshire football is coming back

West Brom’s unexpected 1-2 defeat at Huddersfield Town in the early match of the 45th round of the British First Division (The Championship) on July 18 officially helped Leeds United rank up. Coach Marcelo Bielsa’s army has firmly grasped the ticket to return to the Premier League before 2 rounds and full of chances to win the championship.

Leeds United now has 87 points after 44 games, more than the two behind-the-scenes, West Brom and Brentford, 5 and 6 points respectively. But the stats probably aren’t so important to The Whites fans anymore. Immediately after the defeat of West Brom, celebrations began to erupt across the city.

Leeds fans flocked to the streets around the Ellan Road Stadium celebrating the promotion ticket.

Leeds United was once considered the first flag, the pride of Yorkshire football with 3 English championships, 5 runners-up, 1 FA cup, 1 League Cup, 2 British Super Cups, 2 arrival times. Champions League final and C2 Cup (Europa League).

In the memory of many fans of the English Premier League, which began to be broadcast live in the S-shaped strip, Leeds always ranked in the top of the most popular teams thanks to its devoted and bloody play. with a cast of talented young players.

The legendary football players

Alan Smith, Harry Kewell, Ian Hart, Lee Bowyer, Jonathan Woodgate, Michael Bridges … have captivated many hearts and always become a challenger in every arena participating. But then after a successful 5-year cycle, always in the top 5 of the Premier League and advancing in the Champions League, Leeds started to plunge because of financial difficulties that sometimes seemed bankrupt.

In the 2003/2004 season, Leeds could not restrain himself and had to relegate when he finished in 19th place. Three seasons later, the pride of the Yorkshire region even experienced the darkest days in history. Club when falling to the Second Division (League One).

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The 100-year-old football team in West Yorkshire comes back (Part 3)

Since the first industrial revolution broke out in England in the 18th century, the country’s major cities have always had a mutual opponent. After many ups and downs, next season’s Premier League will welcome special guests named Bielsa and Leeds.

‘Crazy guy’ Bielsa

However, the “ugliness” of Leeds United on the pitch seems to have lingered in the past. Their return to the highest division of England has made many people excited about football. Leeds has a tradition, a strong enough fan base to blow the new wind to make the Premier League more attractive.

The presence of renowned coach Marcelo Bielsa on the bench is another reason. If one judges a coach’s talent based on trophies, Bielsa is probably nobody.

Bielsa is such an interesting coach that when he accepted to lead Leeds United, the number of people who booked Leeds for Premier League promotion in the 2019/20 season suddenly soared to 159%.

It was a time when Bielsa was suffering a lot of doubts about adapting to contemporary football, having left 3 different teams in just 3 years. Bielsa failed to get Leeds promoted in the first season to England to work. But the combination of Argentinian coach and rich English traditional team is considered perfect as Juergen Klopp and Liverpool.

Bielsa has been criticized for his harsh training style, with the desire that the players on the playing field are exactly like machines. That may be the reason preventing Bielsa from coming to bigger clubs.

But the legendary coach of world football probably doesn’t care. All his life he has been loyal to the idea and style of intense pressing football, taking the initiative as his main. Bielsa will not change the style, will not be softer just to lead Barca or MU. He was still plying his ideas at smaller clubs.

Bielsa turned Leeds from a middle-class team in the Championship back to the Premier League after 16 years. The day Leeds climbed to the top, the fans of this team gathered outside the club headquarters to applaud the Argentinian coach. They consider him the new “saint” of the club.

The British are often proud of their love for football, and Leeds is one of the best examples. The fun days on Elland Road (Leeds’ home ground) are probably just beginning.

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The 100-year-old football team in West Yorkshire comes back (Part 2)

Today, Leeds is not rich and spends money the way they used to do nearly two decades ago, then suffered from debt and relegation. But they are still a rich team traditionally, and possessing the most passionate supporters community in England.

After dropping in the Premier League in the 2003/04 season, Leeds was constantly in debt. On 4/5/2007, Leeds filed for bankruptcy and was deducted 10 points, having to play in the Second Division (League One) for the first time in history. It was not until 2010 that they returned to the First Division (Championship).

For any team in the world, it is always a time to test the loyalty of fans

A statistics released by Mackenzie in 2013 showed that, regardless of the tournament played, Leeds football field is always in the top 10 stadiums with the highest number of fans to watch in all the country’s league. Brother.

Everyone hated Leeds United

The excessive enthusiasm of the Leeds fans is part of the reason they are so hated. The club’s hooligan, called LUSC, is extremely popular in English football with its enthusiasm and violence.

However, the fact that Leeds has become the most hated club in England can be traced back half a century ago.

The late coach Donald George Revie is one of the legends in the history of Leeds United. During his reign, Leeds twice won England, winning the FA Cup, League Cup, and many other titles.

This team was championed by the ugliest football in English history

Bleacher Report once stated that Leeds Coach Revie may be the most hated team in England of all time.

Coach Revie led Leeds United for 13 years (1961-74) and turned this team into “thugs” in the English field. The mainstay of Leeds in that period, Eddie Gray later admitted that his team played a kind of football “brutal and defied everything to win”.

Even in 1963, the official edition of the English Football Federation once called Leeds United the dirtiest playing team in the country of fog. The term “Dirty Leeds” (filthy Leeds) came from that. Leeds is the only big city in England to exist only one club, and become the heart and pride of the city compared to London, Manchester or Liverpool.

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The 100-year-old football team in West Yorkshire comes back (Part 1)

Sixteen years have passed since the Premier League stands sang, “We all hate Leeds bastards.” Now the most hated English team is back. In 2015, on the Reddit forum, a statistic fan said that about 47 teams across the UK were Leeds United’s enemies.

From semi-professional clubs like York City, FC United of Manchester, … to the top teams like Chelsea, Tottenham or Manchester United, every stadium has witnessed the famous line: “All We all hate Leeds bastards. ”

The return of a legend

Leeds officially returned to the Premier League after 16 years of absence. The journey of sublimation, collapse, and return of this team deserves to be among the most memorable chapters of English football.

After 5 owners, 16 coaches, 4 failed play-offs, a stadium sale, and a debt of up to hundreds of millions of pounds, Leeds stood up. The return of the 100-year-old football team in West Yorkshire County is a major event with foggy football.

Leeds winning the right to play in the Premier League season 2020/21 even created a reputation as equal to the championship after 30 years of waiting for Liverpool.

On the official Leeds promotion day, Gary Neville predicted a “dead” season with Manchester United. Before the rise of Man City, Leeds was MU’s eternal enemy, not inferior to Arsenal or Liverpool.

Even the hostility that both Leeds fans and MU for each other is even more formidable with the other rivals.

The feud between MU and Leeds explains why striker Marcus Rashford had to quickly delete the post congratulating the return of the opponent, whether many of his teammates in the national team or other famous people of the land of dew The blind do that.

Leeds fans will enjoy the Premier League atmosphere after many years

Rashford’s attitude and actions show the influence that Leeds can bring to the Premier League in the new season.

This team used to be the opponent, the power, the symbol for a period of ups and downs of English football. Many fans of Chelsea, MU, or Tottenham hate Leeds badly, but they are also extremely eager to be compared to the once-famous opponent of football in the fog of origin.

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The most attractive beach sports you should try in Yorkshire

Let’s discover the top most attractive beach sports in Yorkshire below to pocket yourself useful information for the upcoming trip.


Parasailing is an entertaining kites activity in which a person is pulled behind a vehicle while attached to a specially designed canopy like a parachute, called a parachute wing. This activity is thoroughly researched with a high level of safety and equipped with life jackets for players.

Coming to Yorkshire on these majestic summer days, Parasailing will be an indispensable choice for travelers.


Jet ski is an exciting sea sport for those who love yachts in particular and water sports in general. In particular, jet ski only fun when playing from two or more.

To save space for a flybridge-type individual yacht, you can bring a stand-up jet ki (jetski) to the pool base of the boat 1 stern and the upper deck of the boat 1. For speed enthusiasts, driving Jet Ski is considered an exciting activity that needs to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

Sitting on a boat and surfing on Yorkshire beach with a companion, with water clouds while the wind playing with hair is more interesting, safe and legal than racing on land. many times.


This is the experience that attracts many young people in the country and tourists. This game is suitable for those who like to explore and experience new things. Visitors will feel the grandeur and vastness of the sea and mountains of Danang.


Kayaking is a sport that challenges the courage, composure, perseverance but also a lesson about the player’s ability to handle situations flexibly and technically. Depending on your adventure, you can choose where to start the race. It may be a peaceful sea but it can be a waterfall if you want to challenge yourself.

Beach volleyball

Yorkshire’s beach is the right place for travelers to play water sports including beach volleyball, beach soccer. Certainly, visitors will have an unforgettable vacation.

Sports in York

Ferret Legging as a strange sport in Yorkshire

Ferrets are a domesticated ferret that has been domesticated as pets; in the United States, the population of ferrets is only after cats and dogs, and it is used as a hunting dog when hunting rats and rabbits. Ferrets are carnivores, they have a very strange way of hunting.

For example, when they want to hunt rats, they will approach their prey by frantically rolling around, jumping, like crazy or being burn, make prey off guard, when approached, the weasel will pounce to bite to kill the fresh, finished movie!

In Yorkshire, England there is a very strange sport called Ferret Legging. Players will wear wide-bottomed wool pants, tie up 2 legs of the pants, and then release a living ferret. The person who keeps the weasel’s escape for the longest time wins.

A special feature of the game is that the ferrets must have full teeth, the player is not allowed to wear underwear or protective gear inside the pants, so the ferret bite is inevitable.

This bizarre Ferret Legging game is a test of participants’ stamina, with fairly strict rules. The player will put a ferret in the pants, then the pants are tightened on the back and ankles so that the ferret cannot escape.

The contestant stood in front of the jury, enduring the movements and scraping to escape the weasel’s body. Other rules require the competitor not to get drunk and the ferret not anesthetized.

In addition, the weasel must also have full teeth and not be blunted. The winning competitor is the one who will keep the weasel in the pants the longest.

The world record for this game is to keep 5 hours 30 minutes. Because of the dangerous nature of the game, it was no longer popular, but fun exchanges were still scattered in England.

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Yorkshire as the paradise for cycling in the UK (Part 3)

In the first week of May 2020, Pure Electric, Somerset electric retailer, consumed 135 units / day. Meanwhile, last year, the total sales were 11,500 units (an average of 31 units / day).

Famous for beautiful fairy-like castles, York City in North Yorkshire county could become the first British tram city. According to the Daily Mail, York, one of the most popular tourist cities in the UK, can only allow people to use bicycles and trams after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Officials are trying to urge people to restrict travel by private car to ban the use of personal emissions vehicles in the city by 2023. This will make York the first zero-emission city in the city. Brother.

The move has been Minister of Transport download Grant Shapps announced in the announcement of the promotion of a £ 2 billion bicycle support package to change the way people travel. The notice says at least one city will only allow bicycles and trams to operate.

Here’s another thing. In other cycling meccas, climbers have hairpins to even off the gradient. In Yorkshire, the roads go straight up. The peaks are not long, but they are steep. It is not unusual to find yourself out saddle, muttering to get the pedal on a slope one of the year.

This kind of punishment may be unwilling bystanders, but it produces excellent cyclists, such as Brian Robinson, the winner of Britain’s first Tour de France stage, in 1958; Barry Hoban, who won eight Tour stages from 1967 to 1975; and world champion Tom Simpson, who grew up in Harworth, Nottinghamshire, but learned how to ride horses across the border.

Côte de Buttertubs cruelly steep, almost a fifth inclination. It came too early in the race to actually play a decisive role, but it climbed to create definite images of the World Championship. Just minutes away from the small town of Hawes, it feels wild and untouched.

Sports in York

Yorkshire as the paradise for cycling in the UK (Part 2)

Verity was clear about its desire to win bids for Yorkshire. World The largest sporting event in the world is the Olympics. We could not have that: it was too big. Fifa World Cup is too big. But Tour de France? We can have that.

This event is extraordinary. No one has ever seen anything like that. Huge crowds lined the entire route, so much so that the crew members following the riders finished with space-size funnels because nowhere in 200km stopped to urinate. static.

The Tour de France‘s heritage of 2014 is the men and women, Tours de Yorkshire – held every year since then and fully Franceized that the current peaks are cote, as in Côte de Buttertubs.

The legendary Côte de Jenkin Street of Sheffield. Cyclists come from all over the world to go on today’s famous roads. The Zwift virtual cycling app has an Yorkshire route, allowing riders on stationary bicycles to run through the Betty Lemon Tea Room in Harrogate in the comfort of their own home. And now the week-long world championship festival is coming.

The Tour de France in Yorkshire attracted lots of participants

For those of us who have been in the bicycling world for years, it’s no surprise. Yorkshire is a cycling country. It always was. It is a great place to ride – as long as you like your ride.

Ben, Tom and I have made three significant climbs to overcome including Kidstones, Buttertubs and Grinton Moor. The first problem is they stalk you. In the Alps, you can see a climb to the miles as you approach along the valley.

In Yorkshire, the roads are undulating all the time. I was halfway up the Côte de Kidstones before it suddenly realized it was another random block – this hill would keep going. At the time, of course, I was committed to riding it at an unwise pace.

Sports in York

Yorkshire as the paradise for cycling in the UK (Part 1)

I have achieved a kind of bicycling. The cycling scene in England is haunted by professional racing, hills, Yorkshire, social media – and pretentious coffee.

And a few weeks ago, I started off the undulating route in West and North Yorkshire of the Road Road World Championship 2019 with a small coffee roaster called Ben I met on Twitter.

Over the past five years, Yorkshire has become a global cycling destination. When Ben and I, and another Twitter acquaintance named Tom, walked out of Otley, north of Leeds, there were dozens of other riders out of town, up Wharfedale toward Bolton Abbey.

None of them are in an organized group – just people and twos, including quite a lot of children and teenagers.

I suspect many of them are doing what we planned: a 200km stretch of the male elite race, involving a long loop from the north from Otley to Hawes, to the east of the Buttertubs pass, and then head south past Ripon to end at Harrogate.

I mentioned my plan to the native Otley and 2015 world champion Lizzie Deignan. If I press a little it shouldn’t take more than six hours, I said. There was a silence. I thought you might have underestimated that, she answered.

I find it difficult to find volunteers to keep me company. I asked the local Otley club. For most of us, Bit Bits is too much for us. I was not discouraged. I should not have been.

The explosion in Yorkshire cycling has occurred by accident. In 2014, the Tour de France started in Leeds, after Yorkshire stole the Grand Depart from under the nose of a rival Scottish contractor – for the most part, so the story happened, because the CEO of Welcome to Yorkshire, Gary Verity, flew to Paris in a charter helicopter and brought the Tour’s top brass back to Yorkshire for lunch at the pub.

On the eve of the Tour de France 2014, cycling fans went on the path of Kidstones or Côte de Kidstones, a challenging climbing race.

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Yorkshire as a paradise for cycling (Part 2)

Yorkshire became famous in 2014 when the most proud area in the UK hosted the first two stages of the world’s most prestigious bicycle race – the Tour de France. The Yorkshire period is called the Le Grand Departing – an appropriate symbol in a place where ‘grand’ means something special. But beyond professional reach, Yorkshire is a perfect venue for all types of bicycles.

Many bicycle retail stores in Yorkshire consume 50 bicycles a day

In the heart of the old Bicester market, Oxfordshire, bike distribution companies usually send to each retailer 20 – 30 pieces per week. Now, many stores are reaching sales of 50 units a day and there is still no sign of satisfying the thirst for bicycles. Orders were piled up, up 200% from the previous year.

Across major UK cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Leicester, Sheffield, Newcastle and Cambridge, the road system frees up and adds space for bicycles. Currently, the UK has more than 160 kilometers of road converted to temporary service for cyclists. They are located right on the main roads, taking up part or part of a car lane.

Except for the convenience of avoiding Covid-19, British residents also find cycling to work as well as exercise, health promotion during isolation. As a result, they became increasingly fond of bicycles. Many optimists believe that even at the end of the pandemic, UK road traffic will not return to the situation of cars, many congestion as before.

Streetcars accompany bicycles

In addition to bicycles, in the UK there is another means of transport suddenly taking the throne is the tram. In the past, they were often banned from running on public roads and sidewalks because of the danger. During the quarantine period, electric vehicle sales in the UK doubled compared to last year.

In the first week of May 2020, Pure Electric, Somerset electric retailer, consumed 135 units / day. Meanwhile, last year, the total sales were 11,500 units (an average of 31 units / day).