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Interesting things about the legendary football team from York (Part 1)

Both Leeds United and coach Marcelo Bielsa have been creating a journey that is worth waiting for. Now, Leeds is back in the Premier League, under the guidance of Marcelo Bielsa. It can be said that they were together revealed again when stepping on the biggest stage of English football.

In a place full of pitfalls, between the fame and talents of City – Pep Guardiola, Liverpool – Klopp, Tottenham – Mourinho, how will they prove themselves on the journey to find real recognition by title for themselves?

From an all-out gamble

Leeds United’s crazy dream story will forever be a classic example of the modern football world at the right time of its transformation into a billion-dollar industry.

Not only Leeds fell into bankruptcy because of the massive investments in order to win the Champions League as a fulcrum to boost the brand and revenue, but also with them, Parma, Fiorentina in Italy. However, Leeds is still the most typical case of the “bubble dream” when their failure lasted for nearly two decades.

The kids from Leeds’ academy those crazy daydreams were Alan Smith, Harry Kewell, Jonathan Woodgate, Stephen McPhail, and Paul Robinson, a group that was considered to be like the 1992 generation of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Leeds also brought in young stars such as Rio Ferdinand, Michael Bridges along with famous people such as Mark Viduka, Robbie Keane, and Robbie Fowler with the ambition of a true one-handed gamble.

To be able to invest like that, Leeds United borrowed 60 million pounds, a huge loan for the Premier League club that day. To repay the loan, they expect pure commercial revenue. And their way of doing is that all the money for selling tickets and selling brand name items is transferred to the escrow account. Equally, every September 1 of every year, that account will be used to pay off debt.