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How did Radrizzani bring change to Leeds United (Part 2)

Radrizzani even answered La Gazzetta Dello Sports that he was willing to pay Conte £ 20 million if Conte secured Leeds back and relegation in the Premier League. 20 million pounds is the dream money of the top coach at the top club today.

But then Bielsa answered. And when they talked for the first time on the phone, both Orta and Radrizzani were surprised to learn that Bielsa had watched 7 Leeds games.

Until Orta and Radrizzani flew to Buenos Aires to meet Bielsa in person, they were even more terrified when Bielsa watched all 17 Leeds games, and at the same time read on how strong and weak the Leeds players were, including reserve player.

However, the third time they met, also in Buenos Aires, the Leeds executive team was completely overpowered. Bielsa presented a series of charts on the table, just confining the advantages and disadvantages, the play style of all Leeds’ opponents in the First Division of England.

Returning to England, Leeds chief executive Angus Kinnear still couldn’t believe such a detailed person was. Kinnear himself said that there was even a candidate for a coach in Leeds, but could not remember a name in the Leeds squad at that time.

Radrizzani became the man that brought change to Leeds United

However, Kinnear also told Radrizzani that he did not understand if the Bielsa plan would be successful, lest such a “master” be willing to work in the First Class and it was not known how he would demand his salary.

Ultimately the impossible, as Orta said and like Kinnear’s fear, became possible. Bielsa accepted. Salary is less than 1/7 of the amount that Radrizzani is willing to pay Conte. Only 3 million pounds only. However, that is also the record salary for the First Class. Bielsa came to England and got to work.

One of the ideas was that he suggested a bed, a PlayStation for the players at Thorp Arch. He also took a bed there so he could stay.