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How did Radrizzani bring change to Leeds United? (Part 1)

Radrizzani arrived, and the first thing he did was buy back the legendary Elland Road, a valuable asset that had been sold to pay off debts when Leeds went bankrupt. It was a decision that created a great impetus when it brought to life the spirit of the West Yorkshire’s football team in the community.

Radrizzani also re-established the club’s women’s team. However, he understood that the most needed was still the Premier League. To conquer there, he needs a coach at the “elite” level.

Radrizzani brought to life the spirit of the West Yorkshire’s football team

Since the failed gamble project with David O‚ÄôLeary, Leeds has employed 20 coaches for nearly 20 years, of which the number of full-time coaches is 17. In Leeds United, people used to use the “right hand of the president” coaches like Dennis Wise, the legendary Elland Road field like Gary McAllister, as “relegated saints” like Niel Warnock.

Radrizzani, the man bringing change to Leeds

No one is delivering results. Radrizzani understood that the problem was systems. Must complete the new system to calculate the story of finding teachers

And when he was cracking down on building a system, Radrizzani thought of the coach. He understood Paul Heckingbottom wouldn’t be enough to bring the football team coming from Yorkshire back. However, who is the name that you need to choose?

Radrizzani, the man bringing change to Leeds

Just then, sitting in the car with him to the Elland Road yard was the Sports Director Victor Orta. Orta suggested: Marcelo Bielsa but with the comment “may be impossible”.

Orta’s judgment seemed correct. Although Orta had a close relationship with Bielsa, he was unable to contact the Argentine coach. The phone does not answer. Texting did not reply. As for Radrizzani, there were other plans in mind as well.

The first is to pull Roberto Martinez out of Belgium, right after the 2018 World Cup. And second, but more priority, fellow Radrizzani: Antonio Conte, who has just been fired by Chelsea.