Sports in York

Ferret Legging as a strange sport in Yorkshire

Ferrets are a domesticated ferret that has been domesticated as pets; in the United States, the population of ferrets is only after cats and dogs, and it is used as a hunting dog when hunting rats and rabbits. Ferrets are carnivores, they have a very strange way of hunting.

For example, when they want to hunt rats, they will approach their prey by frantically rolling around, jumping, like crazy or being burn, make prey off guard, when approached, the weasel will pounce to bite to kill the fresh, finished movie!

In Yorkshire, England there is a very strange sport called Ferret Legging. Players will wear wide-bottomed wool pants, tie up 2 legs of the pants, and then release a living ferret. The person who keeps the weasel’s escape for the longest time wins.

A special feature of the game is that the ferrets must have full teeth, the player is not allowed to wear underwear or protective gear inside the pants, so the ferret bite is inevitable.

This bizarre Ferret Legging game is a test of participants’ stamina, with fairly strict rules. The player will put a ferret in the pants, then the pants are tightened on the back and ankles so that the ferret cannot escape.

The contestant stood in front of the jury, enduring the movements and scraping to escape the weasel’s body. Other rules require the competitor not to get drunk and the ferret not anesthetized.

In addition, the weasel must also have full teeth and not be blunted. The winning competitor is the one who will keep the weasel in the pants the longest.

The world record for this game is to keep 5 hours 30 minutes. Because of the dangerous nature of the game, it was no longer popular, but fun exchanges were still scattered in England.