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How did Radrizzani bring change to Leeds United? (Part 1)

Radrizzani arrived, and the first thing he did was buy back the legendary Elland Road, a valuable asset that had been sold to pay off debts when Leeds went bankrupt. It was a decision that created a great impetus when it brought to life the spirit of the West Yorkshire’s football team in the community.

Radrizzani also re-established the club’s women’s team. However, he understood that the most needed was still the Premier League. To conquer there, he needs a coach at the “elite” level.

Radrizzani brought to life the spirit of the West Yorkshire’s football team

Since the failed gamble project with David O’Leary, Leeds has employed 20 coaches for nearly 20 years, of which the number of full-time coaches is 17. In Leeds United, people used to use the “right hand of the president” coaches like Dennis Wise, the legendary Elland Road field like Gary McAllister, as “relegated saints” like Niel Warnock.

Radrizzani, the man bringing change to Leeds

No one is delivering results. Radrizzani understood that the problem was systems. Must complete the new system to calculate the story of finding teachers

And when he was cracking down on building a system, Radrizzani thought of the coach. He understood Paul Heckingbottom wouldn’t be enough to bring the football team coming from Yorkshire back. However, who is the name that you need to choose?

Radrizzani, the man bringing change to Leeds

Just then, sitting in the car with him to the Elland Road yard was the Sports Director Victor Orta. Orta suggested: Marcelo Bielsa but with the comment “may be impossible”.

Orta’s judgment seemed correct. Although Orta had a close relationship with Bielsa, he was unable to contact the Argentine coach. The phone does not answer. Texting did not reply. As for Radrizzani, there were other plans in mind as well.

The first is to pull Roberto Martinez out of Belgium, right after the 2018 World Cup. And second, but more priority, fellow Radrizzani: Antonio Conte, who has just been fired by Chelsea.

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Leeds won the second match in a row of the Premier League

Rookie Leeds defeated the host Sheffield 1-0 with a goal in the 88th round of the 3rd round of the Premier League.

The fate of the match at Bramall Lane is decided just two minutes before the end of the official match time. From the middle, Rodrigo opened the ball to the left for Jack Harrison to cross into the penalty area for midfielder Bamford to hit the ground, beating Sheffield United goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale.

The 1-0 result in favor of the visitors seemed unfair for Sheffield

Sheffield  worked so hard in the second half of the second half but was a worthy reward for Leeds United. Being a guest on the football field was seen as a phenomenon in the Premier League last season, but Leeds held the ball 64.3%, launched 17 shots and nine of them took place in the opponent’s 16m50 area.

After rejecting Luke Ayling’s shot, the 22-year-old goalkeeper flew with his fingertips to push the ball over the bar from the Stuart Dallas leg. Leeds also defeated Ramsdale in the second half, when Dallas took the way and tricked the goalkeeper. But the goal still did not come to the visitors, as Chris Basham stepped back to break the ball on the line.

Ramsdale then shone again, blocking the shot from Ian Poveda – the player Bielsa came on in the 66th minute. But Leeds’ attack effort also paid off with Bamford’s at the end of the second half. This is the striker’s third table three times with the football team coming from West Yorkshire this season. This was after the Liverpool net kicked in on an opening day, and then Fulham in the second round.

Sheffield is not bad at playing

All game, Sheffield had 14 shots on goal, but only two of them were clear opportunities. In the 29th minute, after a harmonious arrangement between Osborn and McGoldrick, John Lundstram ended the ball in the low corner, but could not win the reflex and great reach of Leeds goalkeeper Illan Messier. In the 40th minute, it was George Baldock’s turn to be disappointed with his cannon shot at the top corner denied by Messier.

A 1-0 win gave the West Yorkshire’s football club another three points after a 4-3 win over Fulham – rivals with the same promotion last season – in the second round. This will be the basis for coach Bielsa and students to be more confident when heading to the match against Man City in round 4 on October 3.

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Interesting things about the legendary football team from York (Part 2)

In the 2000/01 season, Leeds entered the Champions League semi-final round. Their turnover in 2000 was £ 83 million, minus all expenses and debt payments, they earned £ 10 million. That revenue came from a 33% increase in admission ticket sales, and 40% in brand name sales. Gambling looks good and bright.

In the 2000/01 season, Leeds entered the Champions League semi-final round

However, losing to Valencia in the semifinal ended all hope. The revenue dropped immediately. Meanwhile, the cost is too high. Leeds spent sporadically as if such a waste showed it deserved to be on the same tray as the big guys in Europe.

It was a Leeds player that told that day, just about the plane traveling to the Champions League, Leeds also played brand names. While Liverpool itself, at the 2005 championship, only flew with a Boeing 737 with so narrow space that the trophy had to sit in one seat like a regular passenger.

The difficulties

After that failure is the situation that was charged with debt. Leeds owed a total of £ 83 million, paying one million pounds a month in debt. Salary funds were still suffocating, and they began to cut it down by selling their stars. The more you sell the weaker. The weaker the more broken.

And one day in the early summer of 2004, they were relegated to start the tragedy. They were controlled, penalized, sent to 3rd place. From a rich traditional team, winning England three times, they became number 0.

Leeds United faced many difficulties in the past

President Peter Ridsdale’s mistake in building overly naive business that day is still a great reference today. Simply the story of the social gap due to the Covid-19 translation, causing the pitch to have no audience, has caused many clubs to struggle.

A club cannot rely solely on commercial revenue. At this point, people can see the value of television rights, investment owners hiding under the name of a sports company, or some football investment fund.

Coincidentally, at the very moment of the Covid-19 pandemic that could turn some clubs into Leeds’ situation nearly 20 years ago, Leeds returned to the Premier League, with the sole investor owner, Italian billionaire Andrea Radrizzani. After three years of buying a 100% stake in Leeds, he brought the club back to where it belongs.

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The football club from West Yorkshire returned to the Premier League

The presence of Leeds United, the football club from West Yorkshire, will be the spice that is worth the wait for the 2020/21 Premier League season.

In the early match of the 45th Championship round (second place under the British system), West Brom lost 1-2 at Huddersfield Town, indirectly helping Leeds United soon win promotion tickets to the Premier League.

The army under coach Bielsa currently leads the group with 87 points after 44 games. Even though they are promoted, they still have the goal of earning at least 1 more point in the last 2 rounds to win the championship.

Leeds United fans were thrilled

Leeds United fans have been waiting for this moment for the past 16 years. Since dropping out of the Premier League in 2004, Leeds experienced many struggles, sometimes down to League One (third place under the British system).

The Elland Road team also repeatedly approached the promotion ticket, but often fell off the horse at the decisive time. It was not until Coach Bielsa appeared that Leeds changed.

Leeds United used to be a special team of the Premier League

Leeds United is has a liberal, sassy image, ready to challenge the giants. Leeds also owned many famous players such as Eric Cantona, Lee Bowyer, Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Alan Smith, Robbie Keane, Rio Ferdinand, Robbie Fowler, James Milner…

After relegation, Leeds United continuously fell into debt. Due to financial difficulties, they had to sell all their stars and even had time to drop to second place (League One). But then overcoming many events and ups and downs, the white shirt team got up and realized the dream of returning to the old roof.

The return of the 100-year-old team in West Yorkshire was a big event with foggy football. Even, it also created an echo like the championship after 30 years of waiting for Liverpool.

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Liverpool beat Leeds United in a 7-goal match

Mohamed Salah’s hat-trick helped Liverpool win in a dramatic encounter with Leeds United in the opening game.

A fourth-minute penalty strike set Salah on a Premier League record. Accordingly, he is the first player to score in the opening match in four consecutive seasons. On the other side of the line, Leeds United showed that they were very determined to have an equalizer after just a few minutes with Jack Harrison’s solo phase on the left flank.

Leed United

Liverpool vs Leeds

The two teams continued to retaliate before Virgil van Dijk doubled the lead with a mighty header. But it was also the Dutch midfielder who made the mistake that allowed Patrick Bamford to score against Alisson.

Mohamed Salah brought 3 points for Liverpool

On a stellar day, Salah rescued Liverpool with a left-hand shot into the far corner of Leeds United‘s goal, making it 3-2. But again, the Championship champion proved extremely stubborn when Mateusz Klich controlled the ball and finished beautifully in the penalty area, leveling the visitors.

Liverpool beat Leeds United

Luckily, there was no side for the football team from York when rookie Rodrigo fouled Fabinho in the penalty area clumsily. Mohamed Salah completed a hat-trick and helped Liverpool get 3 points in a match with 7 goals.

The German strategist hinted at changing the game, shifting the diagram from 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1 to avoid too much dependence on the attacking trio of Salah – Firmino – Mane. However, the opening match of the Premier League 2020/21, Liverpool is likely to start with the old people, the old way of playing, pressing the opponent from time to time to score goals.

As for the visitors, after 16 years of absence, Leeds United returned to the highest league in England. Possessing an experienced military leader – a master of tactics, Leeds United under Bielsa always appreciated the ability to control the game, with an average of 65% of possession last season.

Meeting an inferior opponent in class, Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students will have their first victory to greet the new season 2020/21.

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Premier League will welcome special guests from Yorkshire next season

The ugliness of Leeds United on the pitch seems to be in the past. Their return to England’s top division has excited many football fans. The presence of the famous coach Marcelo Bielsa on the lead is another reason.

But the Tango strategist is the one who Pep Guardiola sees as a teacher, with the statement “to me, Bielsa is the best coach in the world”. People call Bielsa “El Loco”. However, Carl Huybrechts, a famous Belgian sports commentator, calls him “a radical tactician” and a master of many famous coaches. Modern world.

Guardiola, Pochettino, Diego Simeone, Jorge Sampaoli, Gerardo Martino…. have both admitted to building a reputation thanks to lessons from Bielsa.

Bielsa was such an interesting coach that when he accepted the lead of Leeds United, the number of people who set up for Leeds to advance to the Premier League in the 2019/20 season suddenly jumped to 159%.

Bielsa failed to get Leeds promoted in his first season to England

Bielsa is a “crazy guy”, Leeds is also a city crazy about football. This team has enough material for Bielsa to convey his special football philosophy.

Bielsa has been criticized for his coaching style somewhat harsh, with the desire that the players on the field play the ball exactly like machines. That may have been the reason why Bielsa prevented him from joining the larger clubs.

However, the legendary coach of world football probably does not care. All his life he has been faithful to the idea and style of a football pressing high, attacking as its mainstay.

Bielsa will not change his style, will not be softer than just to lead Barca or MU. He is still pervasive with his ideas at smaller clubs. Bielsa turned Leeds from a mid-tier Championship side back into the Premier League after 16 years.

Leeds United fans

On the day of Leeds to be promoted, the fans of this team gathered outside the headquarters of the club to praise the Argentine coach.

After 16 years, Leeds United fans had their hands on the skies of the Premier League again. They are almost crazy about that feat. Fans flocked to the streets, dragged to the stadium, to the homes of the players and coaches.

The British are often proud of their love of football, and Leeds is one of the most prominent examples. The happy days at Elland Road (Leeds’ home turf) are probably just beginning.

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Interesting things about the legendary football team from York (Part 1)

Both Leeds United and coach Marcelo Bielsa have been creating a journey that is worth waiting for. Now, Leeds is back in the Premier League, under the guidance of Marcelo Bielsa. It can be said that they were together revealed again when stepping on the biggest stage of English football.

In a place full of pitfalls, between the fame and talents of City – Pep Guardiola, Liverpool – Klopp, Tottenham – Mourinho, how will they prove themselves on the journey to find real recognition by title for themselves?

From an all-out gamble

Leeds United’s crazy dream story will forever be a classic example of the modern football world at the right time of its transformation into a billion-dollar industry.

Not only Leeds fell into bankruptcy because of the massive investments in order to win the Champions League as a fulcrum to boost the brand and revenue, but also with them, Parma, Fiorentina in Italy. However, Leeds is still the most typical case of the “bubble dream” when their failure lasted for nearly two decades.

The kids from Leeds’ academy those crazy daydreams were Alan Smith, Harry Kewell, Jonathan Woodgate, Stephen McPhail, and Paul Robinson, a group that was considered to be like the 1992 generation of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Leeds also brought in young stars such as Rio Ferdinand, Michael Bridges along with famous people such as Mark Viduka, Robbie Keane, and Robbie Fowler with the ambition of a true one-handed gamble.

To be able to invest like that, Leeds United borrowed 60 million pounds, a huge loan for the Premier League club that day. To repay the loan, they expect pure commercial revenue. And their way of doing is that all the money for selling tickets and selling brand name items is transferred to the escrow account. Equally, every September 1 of every year, that account will be used to pay off debt.

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York’s boxer George Davey hopes to appear on the fall schedule

George Davey has said that he should know in the next few days whether he will return to action on the next scheduled series of shows by promoter Frank Warren.

Warren’s Queensbury Promotions announced last week that they will be hosting three shows over the next few months, with shows taking place on September 12, September 26, and October 10. The boxers competing on the cards have yet to be revealed, despite York’s super-class outlook, Davey said that he hopes to attend any of the three events.

Davey has trained with the York boxing legend and trainer Henry Gym at his Acomb gym since being allowed to do so. No confirmation battle day was given to him, he had to find a balance between hard training and exhaustion from overtraining.

Boxer George Davey will return on September 26

George Davey’s boxing outlook will return to the long-awaited ring on September 26. The unbeaten weight super weight, who has won both of his pro games to date, has been out of play since late November after his proposed May match was canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Now though Davey has a new day to train with the 22-year-old to face Jeff Thomas (who has 12 wins from 22 innings) across four rounds at BT Sport Studio in Stafford on September 26.

The show is run by promoted Frank Warren by Davey and Hall of Famer colleague Bob Arum, which will be led by unbeaten WBA and unbeaten IBF super light champion Josh Taylor, title defender Apinun Khongsong is unbeaten.

It continues Davey’s battle journey from subordinates to world titles since turning pro in October.

Davey’s move against Thomas

Davey’s move against Thomas represents a significant step up in the confrontation, with a Dutch-born boxer being his first opponent with a winning record.

The show will air on BT Sport and ESPN + in the US, and will also feature former world fly champion Charlie Edwards, who faces Kyle Williams, as well as WBO Europe’s super bantamweight competition. champion Lee Haskins and challenger Jeff Thomas.

Former amateur world champion Willy Hutchinson is also set to fight for the vacant European IBF title while Northampton’s Eithan James is also involved. Both boxers have no confirmed opponents.

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Leeds fans will soon enjoy the Premier League atmosphere

Leeds football team used to be a rival, a force, a symbol of a period of ups and downs in English football. Many fans of Chelsea, MU, or Tottenham hate Leeds so badly, but they are also extremely eager to compete with the once-famous rival of foggy football.

Leeds today are not rich and spend money like they used to do nearly two decades ago, only to endure debt and have to be relegated. But they are still a football team with traditional wealth and have one of England’s most passionate fans.

After dropping from the Premier League in the 2003/04 season, the football team coming from Yorkshire continuously fell into debt. On 4/5/2007, Leeds filed for bankruptcy and was deducted 10 points, had to go down to play in the Second Division (League One) for the first time in history.

With any team in the world, it is always a time to test the fans’ loyalty

A statistic given by Mackenzie in 2013 shows that, regardless of league, Leeds’ football field is always in the top 10 stadiums with the highest number of fans coming to watch in all divisions of the country. However, Leeds United will return to the Premier League next season.

Everyone hated Leeds United

The somewhat outrageous fervor of the Leeds fans is part of the reason why they are hated. The club’s hooligan with the name LUSC of this club is very famous in English football with its passion and violence. However, the fact that Leeds became the most hated football team in England can be traced back half a century ago.

During his reign, Leeds won twice in England, winning the FA Cup, League Cup, and many other titles. But this team won the championship with the ugliest football in English history.

Coach Revie led Leeds United for 13 years (1961-74) and turned this team into “hooligans” across England’s pitch. The mainstay of Leeds during that period, Eddie Gray later admitted that his team played a “brutal and defiant” football to win.

Leeds is the only major city in England with only one club and becomes the heart of the city mixed with pride compared to London, Manchester or Liverpool.

Since the first industrial revolution broke out in England in the 18th century, the major cities of this country have existed a mutual hostility. Manchester competes with Liverpool, Liverpool hates London…

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Leeds United team return to the Premier League next season

Leeds officially returned to the Premier League after 16 years of absence. The journey of sublimation, fall, and return of this team deserves one of the most memorable chapters of English football.

The giant wakes up after 16 years

Leeds’ promotion ticket has a great impression from the old coach, Marcelo Bielsa.

Efforts to change from the upper class helped Leeds gradually recover. The Whites returned to The Championship in the 2010/2011 season but was mostly swayed by the relegation battle. Only last season, with the presence on the training bench of “witch” Marcelo Bielsa, did Leeds really flourish to compete for promotion.

After a regretful drop at the end of last season, Bielsa’s Leeds was no longer making the same mistake. The recent consecutive victories have officially brought “giant” back to sleep with the glory of the Premier League after 16 years.

The remaining direct promotion ticket in the UK First Division this season will be a fierce competition between West Brom and Brentford. With the sublimation circuit (8 recent consecutive victories), Brentford owns a brighter chance and also holds the right to self-determination.

The return of a legend

After 5 owners, 16 coaches, 4 failed play-offs, a stadium sale, and hundreds of million pounds of debts, Leeds stood up.

The return of the 100-year-old team in West Yorkshire County is a big event with foggy football. The fact that Leeds won the right to play in the Premier League in the 2020/21 season even created an echo like the championship after 30 years of waiting for Liverpool.

The day Leeds officially promoted, Gary Neville had predicted a deadly season with Manchester United. Before Man City rose, Leeds was the eternal enemy of MU, no less than Arsenal or Liverpool.

Even the hostility that the Leeds and MU fans for each other are even more formidable than with other opponents.

The hostility between MU and Leeds explains why striker Marcus Rashford had to quickly delete the post to congratulate the return of the opponent, whether many of his teammates in the national team or other famous figures of the UK do that.