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Yorkshire as the paradise for cycling in the UK (Part 3)

In the first week of May 2020, Pure Electric, Somerset electric retailer, consumed 135 units / day. Meanwhile, last year, the total sales were 11,500 units (an average of 31 units / day).

Famous for beautiful fairy-like castles, York City in North Yorkshire county could become the first British tram city. According to the Daily Mail, York, one of the most popular tourist cities in the UK, can only allow people to use bicycles and trams after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Officials are trying to urge people to restrict travel by private car to ban the use of personal emissions vehicles in the city by 2023. This will make York the first zero-emission city in the city. Brother.

The move has been Minister of Transport download Grant Shapps announced in the announcement of the promotion of a £ 2 billion bicycle support package to change the way people travel. The notice says at least one city will only allow bicycles and trams to operate.

Here’s another thing. In other cycling meccas, climbers have hairpins to even off the gradient. In Yorkshire, the roads go straight up. The peaks are not long, but they are steep. It is not unusual to find yourself out saddle, muttering to get the pedal on a slope one of the year.

This kind of punishment may be unwilling bystanders, but it produces excellent cyclists, such as Brian Robinson, the winner of Britain’s first Tour de France stage, in 1958; Barry Hoban, who won eight Tour stages from 1967 to 1975; and world champion Tom Simpson, who grew up in Harworth, Nottinghamshire, but learned how to ride horses across the border.

Côte de Buttertubs cruelly steep, almost a fifth inclination. It came too early in the race to actually play a decisive role, but it climbed to create definite images of the World Championship. Just minutes away from the small town of Hawes, it feels wild and untouched.

Sports in York

Yorkshire as the paradise for cycling in the UK (Part 2)

Verity was clear about its desire to win bids for Yorkshire. World The largest sporting event in the world is the Olympics. We could not have that: it was too big. Fifa World Cup is too big. But Tour de France? We can have that.

This event is extraordinary. No one has ever seen anything like that. Huge crowds lined the entire route, so much so that the crew members following the riders finished with space-size funnels because nowhere in 200km stopped to urinate. static.

The Tour de France‘s heritage of 2014 is the men and women, Tours de Yorkshire – held every year since then and fully Franceized that the current peaks are cote, as in Côte de Buttertubs.

The legendary Côte de Jenkin Street of Sheffield. Cyclists come from all over the world to go on today’s famous roads. The Zwift virtual cycling app has an Yorkshire route, allowing riders on stationary bicycles to run through the Betty Lemon Tea Room in Harrogate in the comfort of their own home. And now the week-long world championship festival is coming.

The Tour de France in Yorkshire attracted lots of participants

For those of us who have been in the bicycling world for years, it’s no surprise. Yorkshire is a cycling country. It always was. It is a great place to ride – as long as you like your ride.

Ben, Tom and I have made three significant climbs to overcome including Kidstones, Buttertubs and Grinton Moor. The first problem is they stalk you. In the Alps, you can see a climb to the miles as you approach along the valley.

In Yorkshire, the roads are undulating all the time. I was halfway up the Côte de Kidstones before it suddenly realized it was another random block – this hill would keep going. At the time, of course, I was committed to riding it at an unwise pace.

Sports in York

Yorkshire as the paradise for cycling in the UK (Part 1)

I have achieved a kind of bicycling. The cycling scene in England is haunted by professional racing, hills, Yorkshire, social media – and pretentious coffee.

And a few weeks ago, I started off the undulating route in West and North Yorkshire of the Road Road World Championship 2019 with a small coffee roaster called Ben I met on Twitter.

Over the past five years, Yorkshire has become a global cycling destination. When Ben and I, and another Twitter acquaintance named Tom, walked out of Otley, north of Leeds, there were dozens of other riders out of town, up Wharfedale toward Bolton Abbey.

None of them are in an organized group – just people and twos, including quite a lot of children and teenagers.

I suspect many of them are doing what we planned: a 200km stretch of the male elite race, involving a long loop from the north from Otley to Hawes, to the east of the Buttertubs pass, and then head south past Ripon to end at Harrogate.

I mentioned my plan to the native Otley and 2015 world champion Lizzie Deignan. If I press a little it shouldn’t take more than six hours, I said. There was a silence. I thought you might have underestimated that, she answered.

I find it difficult to find volunteers to keep me company. I asked the local Otley club. For most of us, Bit Bits is too much for us. I was not discouraged. I should not have been.

The explosion in Yorkshire cycling has occurred by accident. In 2014, the Tour de France started in Leeds, after Yorkshire stole the Grand Depart from under the nose of a rival Scottish contractor – for the most part, so the story happened, because the CEO of Welcome to Yorkshire, Gary Verity, flew to Paris in a charter helicopter and brought the Tour’s top brass back to Yorkshire for lunch at the pub.

On the eve of the Tour de France 2014, cycling fans went on the path of Kidstones or Côte de Kidstones, a challenging climbing race.

Sports in York

Yorkshire as a paradise for cycling (Part 2)

Yorkshire became famous in 2014 when the most proud area in the UK hosted the first two stages of the world’s most prestigious bicycle race – the Tour de France. The Yorkshire period is called the Le Grand Departing – an appropriate symbol in a place where ‘grand’ means something special. But beyond professional reach, Yorkshire is a perfect venue for all types of bicycles.

Many bicycle retail stores in Yorkshire consume 50 bicycles a day

In the heart of the old Bicester market, Oxfordshire, bike distribution companies usually send to each retailer 20 – 30 pieces per week. Now, many stores are reaching sales of 50 units a day and there is still no sign of satisfying the thirst for bicycles. Orders were piled up, up 200% from the previous year.

Across major UK cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Leicester, Sheffield, Newcastle and Cambridge, the road system frees up and adds space for bicycles. Currently, the UK has more than 160 kilometers of road converted to temporary service for cyclists. They are located right on the main roads, taking up part or part of a car lane.

Except for the convenience of avoiding Covid-19, British residents also find cycling to work as well as exercise, health promotion during isolation. As a result, they became increasingly fond of bicycles. Many optimists believe that even at the end of the pandemic, UK road traffic will not return to the situation of cars, many congestion as before.

Streetcars accompany bicycles

In addition to bicycles, in the UK there is another means of transport suddenly taking the throne is the tram. In the past, they were often banned from running on public roads and sidewalks because of the danger. During the quarantine period, electric vehicle sales in the UK doubled compared to last year.

In the first week of May 2020, Pure Electric, Somerset electric retailer, consumed 135 units / day. Meanwhile, last year, the total sales were 11,500 units (an average of 31 units / day).

Sports in York

How has cycling developed in York City? (Part 2)

Each year, York City attracts nearly 7 million tourists. Council members voted to prevent people from traveling by unnecessary personal cars in the city by 2023, except for the disabled.

A survey of 1,682 YouGov adults found that 53% of people supported the closure of the city center, preventing unnecessary vehicles once a week to provide opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists. . About 39% of the respondents think the budget invested in building the street should be devoted to motivating people to cycle or walk more.

In fact, York attracts nearly 7 million tourists to Britain every year. Council members have also voted in favor of limiting people traveling by personal car since 2023, with the exception of the disabled.

A survey conducted by YouGov of 1,682 adults also showed that more than half of the population approved the “closure” of the city for unnecessary outgoing vehicles once a week. The goal is to reserve space for pedestrians and bicyclists.

About 39% of respondents think that the money invested in building streets should be spent to motivate people to walk or cycle more often.

How Covid-19 changed the cycling habits in York City

While living with Covid-19, the British became accustomed to cycling, exercise at home and gardening.

The British government will likely extend the blockade order for at least another week to stop Covid-19. But statistics have shown that life in the UK has had unimaginable changes in the past two months.

Bicycles are more popular

The limitations of social separation make public transportation the least popular means of transportation. Police also repeatedly advised to limit moving by car. As a result, people travel less and when needed, they choose to be more environmentally friendly.

During the blockade, emergency service staff in the UK used bicycles to go up by 200%. Overall, cycling becomes a lot more popular. Halfords said their bike sales increased sharply in the first week of May.

Cities across the UK respond to this trend by making adjustments to make it easier and safer for cyclists. London Mayor Sadiq Khan plans to introduce a temporary bike lane as part of his “street landscape” program.

A recent poll conducted by transport consultant Systra found that 61% of Britons were worried about using public transport after the blockade. This shows that the trend of cycling can continue even when the blockade is lifted.

Sports in York

Yorkshire as a paradise for cycling (Part 1)

It can be said that Yorkshire is quickly becoming a great place for cycling in England. Sadly, there was no Tour de Yorkshire this year. We will miss the incredible hard roads and weather of early May in Yorkshire on our screens.

But that doesn’t stop you from planning a trip. This can be focused on an area of ​​Yorkshire because there are so many places for cycling. It is all about what you are pursuing.

There are long windswept peaks in North Yorkshire. Such as Buttertubs and Park Rash, or you can ride Calderdale’s Flanders-esque with Shibden Wall as the most famous monsters, plus Haworth’s main street near Bradford.

Stay west and Calderdale, if you don’t want to get in the way of the stones, some of the most used climbers in the Tour de Yorkshire include Cragg Vale, Ripponden Bank and Oxenhope Moor are all 20 km away.

If you don’t like climbing, then York is almost completely flat with winding country roads and plenty of history to experience.

According to a survey result from a recent UK poll, 61% of the population is insecure about having to use public transport. They are extremely worried about the possibility of being infected with the corona virus on the way to work.

At London subway stations, passengers are required to be at least 2m apart. This distance is intended to be safe from Covid-19, but it also causes a major inconvenience: delay.

London is the city with the most jobs in England. The spacing reduces the capacity on the subway by 15%, and buses by 12% compared to normal. Trips are delayed up to 8 million / day, the transportation system is only 1/5 of capacity. This also means that many workers are unable to catch trains or buses to work on time.

To cope with the above situations, British residents have flexibly switched to cycling. In early May 202020, the company supplies bicycle parts, motorcycles, cars Halfords happy to announce: their stock price soared 23%.

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How has cycling developed in York City? (Part 1)

York may be the first city in the UK to allow the use of bicycles and electric vehicles only because local authorities are seeking a ban on petrol and diesel cars when the Covid-19 blockade is lifted.

This is the idea of ​​the Department of Transport Grant Shapps mentioned in the announcement of the £ 2 billion bicycle promotion package to change the way people move. Accordingly, there will be at least one city using only bicycles and trams.

York officials want this to be the first “zero-emission” city in the United Kingdom. The city council is also aiming to ban individual vehicles in the area since 2023.

Famous for beautiful castles, York City in northern Yorkshire county could become the first British tram city.

According to the Daily Mail, York, one of the most popular tourist cities in the UK, can only allow people to use bicycles and trams after the COVID-19 pandemic ended. Officials are trying to urge people to restrict travel by private car to ban the use of personal emissions vehicles in the city by 2023. This will make York the first zero-emission city in the city. Brother.

The move was announced by Transport Minister Grant Shapps in a notice to promote a £ 2 billion bicycle support package to change the way people travel. The notice says at least one city will only allow bicycles and trams to operate.

“Reducing cars on the street can improve air quality. It’s great to see so many people walking the streets, families can ride their bikes out together, discovering places in the city they couldn’t before. We really want to have these benefits when the blockade is relaxed” – said councilor Jonny Crawshaw.

The UK will promote a £ 2 billion bicycle support package

Liberal Democratic Party committee member Paula Widdowson said the city would take every opportunity to work with the government to maintain positive environmental benefits as the number of vehicles on the street decreased.

Sports in York

The remaining matches of National League North are cancelled

The National League have confirmed that the remaining matches of National League North in York city this season have been cancelled.

One of the main reasons for this was the response of the clubs participating in this league. According to the League, up to 90 percent of the clubs want to cancel the league due to many reasons, especially the quick spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the League has made a decision on cancelling the remaining matches.

The National League’s matches have been suspended since March 16 due to the concerns of COVID-19pandemic.

National League calls for clubs to vote to end the season

The clubs in the three divisions of the National League were asked to vote about the way to end the season. Most of the clubs, including York City, are in favour of cancelling the remaining matches of the league. The results of this vote also determine the outcomes of the season.

According to this result, the National League has made a decision to cancel the season. And York City club hope that they will be given the position at the top of the table at this season.

All of 24 clubs in the National Division will take part in this vote. However, the National League North and National League South only have four votes per league, which means 32 overall. 

On the other hand, there is information that York City will receive £14,000 from the recent pay-out. This money will be given by the Premier League. 

According to the National League, they have received £2m of funds from the Premier League. The money was given from the 2020/21 season and will soon be used as an advance payment to the clubs.

While the money given to National Division clubs is £58,333, the amount of money for North and South clubs is £13,636.

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The oldest horse race Kiplingcotes Derby in East Yorkshire

The oldest horse race in England originated from the reign of Henry VIII and it is not uncommon for runners to win more bounties than winners.

Kiplingcotes Derby, which takes place every year near Market Weighton village in East Yorkshire. The event is 500 years old up to now.

With only “a few carriages carrying tea” being convenient, this sports event has less in common with the Grand National than some of the more quaint folk festivals in rural England. Kiplingcotes allow any horse to attend and compete, without the need for a championship trophy. Purebred and “backyard” horses are lined up next to horse-drawn carriages and smaller horses belonging to local children.

The winner of that 500th race, Tracey Corrigan, could continue to challenge the most recorded victories, with 10 wins from Ken Homes, who also became the oldest driver, at age 74. But the records of the winners are not so smooth with gaps in the 17th and 18th centuries.

It shows the original rules, including adding weight to the saddle of any racer, weighing less than 10 stones (64kg) to establish a level playing field.

The rules

On the day of the race, rivals meet at the finish line and consider. A single bookmaker, Chris Johnson, has been in the race for years and visually appreciates favorites when they show up. However, it’s best not to run if you weigh a few pounds.

Then ride slowly back to the original post, before spinning and racing to finish. At the completion, they meet the audience, the numbers are in the hundreds and sometimes they come from far away places.

According to ancient rules, if the race didn’t go on for a year, the tradition was over. So even in years, when the race was flooded or snowed, a local resident pulled a horse around, so that the 500-year competition still exists.

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List of cancelled sports events including football in York City (Part 2)


All elite English football has been suspended until at least April 3, with every match in the English Premier League Cup, EFL, FA Women League Super League and Women Championship now postponed.

However, the National League decided to allow matches in its three divisions to proceed as planned this weekend from the Football Association, which clearly shows the decision to continue or suspend the competition.

Duel is the problem of each tournament but York City and Altrincham have made a joint decision to postpone their match. Scotland also suspended professional football and domestic facilities until further notice.

European league

UEFA has postponed all continental tournaments, including all matches next week in the Champions League and Europa League. The European Football governing body will meet with stakeholders including representatives of 55 member associations on Tuesday, with Euro 2020 prospects expected to be delayed for a year out of the options considered.

European league

France and Germany are already following Italy, Portugal, Spain and the majority of European leagues in the country in postponing matches until at least early April.

The rest of the world

Most countries that have reported coronation cases have taken steps to delay h’s domestic programs Meanwhile, while Fifa also halted the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia and advised that all remaining international matches will take place in March and April should be postponed indefinitely.

But with China reporting a marked drop in new Covid-19 patients in the past few days, Chinese Super League team Wuhan Zall about to return home has been trapped in Spain. since the end of January.


For the first time since 1945, the Masters will not take place in the second week of April after Augusta National postpones the first major golf tournament of the year on Friday. President Fred Ridley said, we hope this will put us in the best position to hold our Masters Tournament safely and our amateur events at a later date.

The decision followed the abandonment of the Sawgrass Player Championship in the first round on Thursday, while the PGA Tour also canceled Valero Texas Open. The ANA inspiration – the first girl of the year – was also delayed on Friday.