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Bielsa’s stubbornness makes Leeds United no longer worth watching

After working in the football world for three decades, Mr. Bielsa adopted many tactics that surprised his fans. The Argentine teacher also became stubborn and always kept absolute faith in the philosophy he pursued. At Leeds, “El Loco” (Bielsa’s nickname) did a lot. He made this team a very worthy group with a unique high pressing football.

No matter who the opponent is, Bielsa’s army is still playing like pressing machines and always in an overwhelming position. They kick very strongly, bear hard to move to put pressure on the opponent. In the MU clash, Leeds played according to the philosophy that coach Bielsa applied. They lost 2-6. In the first 45 minutes, the football team coming from Yorkshire soon sunk when he received 4 goals.

Coach Bielsa was disappointed when he saw Leeds lose heavily to MU

After the game, Mr. Bielsa described Plan B in football as a medicine relieving anxiety. The Argentine strategist also stressed that there is far from a change in the football philosophy that has blown Leeds.

However, the fans of the home team Elland Road are in desperate need of medicine that reduces anxiety. On the Premier League rankings, Leeds ranked 14th and only 7 points ahead of the dropping group, an unsafe distance. According to coach Bielsa, “Plan B” in football only helps a team to be better prepared against different opponents. This goes against creating a consistent play style for the club.

In modern football, Bielsa’s stubborn stubbornness makes things easier for his opponents

When facing Leeds, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer knows for sure how his opponent will play. He read the great rivalry, knew the opponent was difficult to change, or created a surprise about his approach to the match.

Bielsa is very open to the media

In the Premier League, Leeds is a team with a unique style of playing. They change state very quickly and are agile when holding the ball. Mr. Bielsa is also deploying 1-on-1 work across the field.

After 14 rounds in the Premier League, up to 6 times, they conceded from 3 goals or more. No club has been better than Leeds in this regard. But this Yorkshire football team also won five games and kept clean sheets against Arsenal, Everton, Ston Villa, and Sheffield United.

They scored 22 goals, a very high number so far. Among the Premier League rookie promotion, Leeds, highly appreciated by professionals, will stay relegated. They could even win tickets to the European Cup.